Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dress up time!!

Well Stella finally got herself a hanbok which is a traditional Korean dress. She will wear it on her first birthday her dol.which is right around the corner!!! Its very very pretty and the pictures just dont do it justice... im getting professional pics of her done here shortly in it! My very pretty girl in her very pretty dress!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Stella dancing and clapping

Stella and Kirra

So we got a dog about a week ago. She isnt a new dog she is actually my dog that was staying at my parents house. Kirra is a great dog, she doesn't chew, bark constantly, or have accidents in the house. She is very calm and extra gentle with Stella which makes her a keeper! Stella loves kirra, she pulls and tugs on her tail and ears and kirra doesnt seem to mind. We are teaching Stella how to be gentle and she is doing a lot better, she pets and loves on kirra too!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Elk burgers at Uncle Mikes!

Today we had dinner at Mike Cooley's in Tucson with Chelsea and her boyfriend. Dinner was great Mike's elk burgers are a whole lot better then mine... Stella had a great time getting into everything at Mike's bachelor pad. Needless to say his house is totally not baby proofed! I think there was a bottle of some sort of chemical cleaner on the ground, which Stella found of course! Stella is such a big girl now, she is so good whenever we go anywhere to visit. She is my little social butterfly! lol! Stella has also started this new thing though, where she cries every and any time she sees anyone walk out the door without her. Chelsea walked out to load her car and Stella just cried and cried! We stayed at Mike's till about 8pm and when we left she had a smile on her face and then passed out five minutes later in the car.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dinner date with the Domschke's

So today we had dinner with Sarah, Chris, Autumn, and Sarah's parents. We had a great time with great people and awesome food... Stella got to hang out with Autumn and play with all her toys. We even brought Kirra too! Kirra and Moose whined all night outside the window! ugh dogs....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joey's 14th Birthday

We were in Yuma for Joey's 14th birthday... here are some pics of everyone during all the festivities!

Our play date with Autumn!

So Tuesday is daddys LONG day at school, he is gone from 10am till 8pm... so us ladies gotta keep ourselves busy! We went to visit our friend Autumn. Autumn was nice enough to share all her toys with Stella. She also didnt mind Stella pulling her hair! ah! Stella acts like such a big girl when she is with her friends!